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Name :   Sue
Favourite artist :   Van Gogh
Favourite colour :   Purple
Length of hair :   2
Bohemian pretentions :   
Comments :   Excellent stuff. Great Fun. Keep up the good work.

Name :   Sophie Banks
Favourite artist :   Rodin
Favourite colour :   passionate redy purply dark kinda colour
Length of hair :   really long
Bohemian pretentions :   i watch moulin rouge a lot and am going there next week
Comments :   Fab art, being an artist myself i think its great that people can take the eh...pee out of their own work, think i might put some of my stuff up, so keep a look out!

Name :   Barry Rolex
Favourite artist :   Peter, Paul and Mary
Favourite colour :   Mary
Length of hair :   5
Bohemian pretentions :   I dont really have any pretentions, though I went to Germany once.
Comments :   I just love you, I dont care who knows or what people say, you are simply beautiful, your art has a depth and soul to it almost unknown in this world, thank you, thank you , thank you!

Name :   Gary
Favourite artist :   Macca
Favourite colour :   Cobolt blue
Length of hair :   1 foot
Bohemian pretentions :   
Comments :   Clearly you are an extraordinary man and it is good to see a picture of the artist hisself (though youre no oil painting(I hope you dont mind me saying so))

Name :   
Favourite artist :   
Favourite colour :   
Length of hair :   
Bohemian pretentions :   
Comments :   Well................yer a better paint guy than me..........I tried a watercolour once, of a sunset behind a mountain, and it looked like dog vomit splain in front of a burnt, perpenticular taco. You done good. and, Cheers!

Name :   Willemina Labino
Favourite artist :   the artist formerly known as Prince
Favourite colour :   red & brown-only together tho
Length of hair :   i only have eyebrows & they are short
Bohemian pretentions :   trapeze artist extrodinaire w/chronic flatulence...1 in a million
Comments :   this site makes my dry eyes water. im usually not one to get emotional. This is really thrilling. i almost barfed. Now i have a rash and i swaer my teeth have started to corrode from being exposed to this i just dont know.

Name :   Laura
Favourite artist :   Emily Carr
Favourite colour :   green
Length of hair :   in what
Bohemian pretentions :   
Comments :   really enjoyed your gallery, it was very refreshing. I am an artist myself. I truly enjoyed Rupid the Rabbit.

Name :   Lauren
Favourite artist :   Gustav klimt
Favourite colour :   bright illuminus pink
Length of hair :   past shoulders
Bohemian pretentions :   eh?
Comments :   i think this site is pretty gud man. though i did nearly have a heart attack looking at some of the paintings. luv lauren

Name :   Garry Rolex
Favourite artist :   Bon Jovi
Favourite colour :   wood
Length of hair :   Depends which wig I'm wearing
Bohemian pretentions :   I smoke opium openly in the street.
Comments :   I especially liked the piture of Sam and James Bourne. It reminded me of a sandwich I once ate.

Name :   Ellis "Raimundo" Hall
Favourite artist :   That bloke off the telly
Favourite colour :   urine seen by moonlight
Length of hair :   which one?
Bohemian pretentions :   rhapsodical
Comments :   Dave - good, well-meaning, efforts here although, despite some occasional flashes of inspired gormlessness, I fear you have not displayed sufficient talent for the genuinely bad. Have you thought of joining the Remodernists? They do crap art as well. Also

Name :   paul
Favourite artist :   neil young
Favourite colour :   green
Length of hair :   scruffy
Bohemian pretentions :   signing guestbooks
Comments :   this art isnt "bad" - its "yours" stop using that word.

Name :   joe bradbury
Favourite artist :   visionaire
Favourite colour :   sky colors
Length of hair :   short
Bohemian pretentions :   always the dreamer...33\6
Comments :   art is about expression, not tech. merrit. I am also an artist...oils prodominately, illustration. check To an extension of my, and yours...

Name :   Steve
Favourite artist :   Marcel Duchamp
Favourite colour :   Green
Length of hair :   bald
Bohemian pretentions :   Butt Printing
Comments :   Outstanding site!!

Name :   a
Favourite artist :   damon che (drums like god, don caballero)
Favourite colour :   colour?
Length of hair :   flux
Bohemian pretentions :   free jazz, fretless guitar, pink uke, pretensions
Comments :   i like gloppy portraits, i like scatter, i lkie all that cuz it looks like my mind. hey, how much to mail a picture and get in return a painting? nevermind, it's probably on this site somewhere. peace sign

Name :   kirsty
Favourite artist :   the sunset
Favourite colour :   clear
Length of hair :   below my chin
Bohemian pretentions :   too poor to afford any
Comments :   i also took welding so i fly through the air like they do in flashdance.i also paint badly but nobody appreciates it except my mother.i am sorry that she's dead.i like your work,it is very nice.i put my plant next to my work,it looks very nice too.i have

jessy - 11/30/00 03:57:47
Opinion of Modern Art: it's great - bring it on
Favourite Artist: my monkey
Favourite colour: purple
Length of Hair: shortish
Bohemian pretentions?: a wee bit
Favourite Italian food: calamari

great siteski! wonderful collection of bad art from a bad (good, though, too, right?) artist. i think it's all art. sure that's a huge statement but i truely believe it. yes, shit on a wall is art if someone, anyone, really SEES it as such. there doesn't even need to be a point, a purpose, a revalation intrinsically designed for the viewer. it is/was created, it wasn't a waste of time no matter what it looks like. i know i'm rambling, but.. my last point is... my worst pet peeve is hearing the phrase "well i'm not an artist" - you sign your name don't you? you make a mark, somewhere in your life there is evidence that contradicts that supposed "lack of the 'art gene'". even the poetry of how we communicate is art - body language, dreaming, sex, sadness & rage. the mediocre, the dull, the excessive and rude, the (yeah yeah get the point) etc. - it is, you guessed it, living art filling space and time, if not our memories, or museums.

Stuart - 11/15/00 08:32:44
Opinion of Modern Art: Art? God is dead.

Truly horrible, but you're kind of coasting here. Even intentionally amateur art is expressive. Have you ever studied programming? Here, you can make an entire career of arrogant pretense, instead of a hobby. It is ignorant to criticise art, but it is tru y evil to second-guess the engineer, and the things we make lack even aesthetic purpose.

Tarek - 11/04/00 16:47:20
Opinion of Modern Art: Splendid
Favourite Artist: Myself [Sorry]
Favourite colour: Yellow
Length of Hair: Come again?
Bohemian pretentions?: None
Favourite Italian food: If you must know: Farfale with green beans

Never has any "bad art" been so good! Stunning work.

Adrienne - 11/01/00 15:34:12
Opinion of Modern Art: Kewl
Favourite Artist: Rembrandt
Favourite colour: Black
Length of Hair: Long
Bohemian pretentions?: yes
Favourite Italian food: Lasagna

Kewl art..strange..but kewl

Jay D. Anderson - 10/16/00 16:10:59
Opinion of Modern Art: It is an imaginative yet talentless endeavor.
Favourite Artist: Myself...
Favourite colour: Black and blue...
Length of Hair: Moderate
Bohemian pretentions?: Tie dyed shirts, rose colored Lennon glasses
Favourite Italian food: Ziti

Check out my site will ya? I believe the best abstract modern art is the work of highly respected Chimps and Gorillas. I include links to those sites plus a few other primates. All other abstract sucks! New site... in the making... not advertised wid ly yet.

Clumpy - 10/13/00 14:50:18
Opinion of Modern Art: Rather Clumpy
Favourite Artist: Clumpy Bradbury
Favourite colour: Clumps of blue
Length of Hair: Shoulder clumps
Bohemian pretentions?: none that I can mention
Favourite Italian food: fried clumps of spagetti


Jo Anne - 10/09/00 23:54:55
Opinion of Modern Art: exciting
Favourite Artist: Sean
Favourite colour: green
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: what day is it
Favourite Italian food: garlic

I like the art by Sean McGarry. The others are intresting but, Sean's has a special appeal for me. Possably this is so because Sean is my grandson and my views are colored by that fact.

- 10/03/00 17:51:09
Opinion of Modern Art: yes
Favourite Artist: yes
Favourite colour: yes
Length of Hair: yes
Bohemian pretentions?: yes
Favourite Italian food: yes


Andy - 09/15/00 20:15:45
Opinion of Modern Art: Do they still make modern art?
Favourite Artist: Dali
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: 1.2"
Bohemian pretentions?: not really
Favourite Italian food: bratwurst

As the internet shrinks the world the contributions of indivuals become more homogenous, reducing the value of each globally but increasing its value locally. Do you charge by the hour or by the painting?

taiteilija - 09/05/00 19:41:33
Opinion of Modern Art: yes
Favourite Artist: gogh
Favourite colour: yellow

i liket you pictures.please visit my websites.

Dasia - 08/31/00 07:48:19
Opinion of Modern Art: so long as its not more of the re-hashed installation crap which makes my head spin
Favourite Artist: Klee . . . maybe
Favourite colour: green
Length of Hair: shoulder
Bohemian pretentions?: plenty
Favourite Italian food: I actually do prefer Polish

Hey, wonderful stuff. Have you considered doing miniatures? I am presently one of only two active Genericists, and as a co-founder of a whole movement I have to tell you: start taking yourself seriously - bad art, good art, if you have pretensions and a whore of an agent you'll go anywhere.

Yo mamma japrice78 - 08/23/00 18:46:39
Opinion of Modern Art: blah
Favourite Artist: Gary Larson
Favourite colour: poonk
Length of Hair: namoulie'
Bohemian pretentions?: rama lama ding dong
Favourite Italian food: welsknini

Complete ans utter She@t! I don't know when I have ever seen some more Shitty shit in my whole shittin shitty shit life! Take this shit to the shitting shitty shit shit, and shit it!

Jon - 08/04/00 17:52:31
Opinion of Modern Art: Whoa! Freaky!
Favourite Artist: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera or whatever their first names were
Favourite colour: I love how British people spell "color"
Length of Hair: 6 millimeters
Bohemian pretentions?: I like Prince and I like to play basketball
Favourite Italian food: Spaghetti O's

Jezebel was my absolutely favorite piece. I'd love to have something painted. Everyone says this, but you wouldn't have to send it to me. Maybe you could just post it on your sight. I especially liked your babies and animals. Maybe you could paint a baby iding a dog or cat. Do you know how to paint lobsters or lizards or hamsters? A baby sitting next to a lobster would be great. I take an industrial welding class because I loved the movie "Flashdance". I, too, am a struggling/horrible artist. I often melt my projects or set my pants on fire while welding. I often ask the other students in the class, "Do you smell smoke or are my pants just on fire again?" My favorite piece that I have welded is a two foot long sewer piper with a iron slab across the top. I call it the "T". It sits in the corner of my and Robert's apartment with a plant on it. My cats Andre and Ursa like to stand near the "T".

Ruth Appleby - 07/28/00 16:35:35
Opinion of Modern Art: purposeful
Favourite Artist: Caravaggio
Favourite colour: red
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: pretentions only
Favourite Italian food: I prefer Polish--just kidding

Is this a dating questionnaire? My, those are slightly personal interrogations. Despite all that, your webpages are marvelous! I was having a horrendous case of painter's block and so decided to peruse paintings on the web. Finding your page, I toured every gallery fastidiously and laughed my ass off. It was great. Keep painting.

Sean McGarry - 07/19/00 22:45:43
Opinion of Modern Art: Just like litter; inriguing yet abundant
Favourite Artist: Van Gogh
Favourite colour: green
Length of Hair: below ears

I would just like to thank David for showing his artistic personality throughout this site and also for putting a piece of my art in the hall of shame(every one go check it out and e-mail me your opinion).

WALT EVANS - 07/01/00 04:46:11
Opinion of Modern Art: interesting
Favourite Artist: van gogh
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: very short
Bohemian pretentions?: too,late
Favourite Italian food: loloabridge gee ah

i think your web is pure fun, but i do think i see a bit of dreaming in it, like! hm, i,d love to be a ?? real artist. and have some body love me. and!! i can,t blame you for that ,me too! i,ve been waiting for 25 years for ,hey! your good. i have three s ows going on right now but!! one is at a local library ,one a dude ranch and one a restaurant, and none at a museum. ha ha, thats life. rejection, re jection. good luck and have fun and lord ,your lady friend is a doll. by by walt

Dominic Chan - 06/23/00 06:57:13
Opinion of Modern Art: It's of this world and of this time.

That's the way it should be. What the artists feel or think are more important than what people generally could notice. Let photography captures the details and art to express perception.

Matt Womersley - 06/21/00 18:12:21
Opinion of Modern Art: It's a bit modern
Favourite Artist: Ghot
Favourite colour: Green
Length of Hair: Short
Bohemian pretentions?: Hmmm... Don't know what that means... Does that make me Bohemian
Favourite Italian food: Pizza & Pasta - I don't like the rest

Hi dave - Good to see you in Brighton last weekend. Hope you got back to London O.K. Nice to see the new Pics by the way. I haven't got your e-mail, but I hope you'll make it down to Steyning on the 8Th - be good to see you.

a0d - 06/13/00 22:25:43
Opinion of Modern Art: off hand?? nothing.
Favourite Artist: sheep
Favourite colour: green crossed with pink.. natural light projection
Length of Hair: long in an un-cut way
Bohemian pretentions?: oh wow, where to start!! my web site has some of them, but i dont speak much.... To be not blind!!
Favourite Italian food: anything with tomatoe

What is to become of all this useless art???

leigh leigh hodge face - 05/26/00 14:08:10
Opinion of Modern Art: emperors new clothes sometimes
Favourite Artist: miro
Favourite colour: stripey
Length of Hair: various
Bohemian pretentions?: I almost had a dreadlock once
Favourite Italian food: moondried tomatoes

hee hee i know you mister bradbury. I am an oyster siblingette. I like your paintings... I cannot wait for you to go though the inevitable progression towards abstaction. Nevermind if it's what the world wants.... it's what it;s going to get.... Bye sir y u monkeyboy

lee kennedy - 05/24/00 08:11:14
Opinion of Modern Art: Depends on whose-
Favourite Artist: Louise Bougeois to-day...
Favourite colour: rich green
Length of Hair: number two
Bohemian pretentions?: since infancy
Favourite Italian food: meatless cannelloni

Wonderful! When I learn to use a scanner, I may terrorise you with some morsels from my oeuvre.(Cackle,cackle...)

dAN hOSTETLER - 05/16/00 15:33:34
Opinion of Modern Art: sucks
Favourite Artist: John Wayne Gacey
Favourite colour: red
Length of Hair: varies to either extreme
Bohemian pretentions?: none. I'm real.
Favourite Italian food: eel

I am an American trapped in Italy where they do not understand bad art at all! THEIR LOSS! HAHA!

paulo - 05/12/00 11:26:47
Opinion of Modern Art: no
Favourite Artist: you
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: tiny
Bohemian pretentions?: de riguer
Favourite Italian food: cornetto

fantastic! a ray of light in a world of dirty beds, stuffed animals and marketing ploys

M. Margot - 05/05/00 03:38:22
Opinion of Modern Art: Better than the Sistine
Favourite Artist: Freida Kahlo; Ginger Katdinsky Kleeche Klipt.
Favourite colour: BRIGHT
Length of Hair: When it has to be combed, it gets cut.
Bohemian pretentions?: That is an oxymoron.
Favourite Italian food: Pasta Puttanesca with anchovies

Ahh, fine work. It is apparent that you rank with the greatest of Cat Artists in finding your Point of Harmonic Resonance.

Tara - 05/03/00 17:41:09
Opinion of Modern Art: Too damn expensive
Favourite Artist: Mo Paul
Favourite colour: black
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: nah
Favourite Italian food: bread

Anxiously awaiting my own "free" portrait!!


David Bradbury - 04/27/00 05:53:51
Opinion of Modern Art: not bad
Favourite Artist: Dali
Favourite colour: Baby Blue
Length of Hair: Short
Bohemian pretentions?: nil
Favourite Italian food: Penne Arabiatta

This is one hell of a Brilliant site i've already e-mail the artist once as yes I share the same name.

M@t - 04/22/00 04:44:30
Opinion of Modern Art: Opinion? Of modern art?
Favourite Artist: Mark R...(something)
Favourite colour: It's all good...
Length of Hair: Newly reshortened.
Bohemian pretentions?: Dr. Laura would say I'm plagued by "moral relativism".
Favourite Italian food: Basilish garlicky anything.

Belly laughs for bad art. Bravo for your successful attempt to contrive bad art. This page is beautiful the way Las Vegas is. It is also well compiled but not over the top. Viva bad art! Bad art!

Key Lyme-Pei - 04/11/00 16:36:32
Opinion of Modern Art: manichevitz!
Favourite Artist: montalban
Favourite colour: maroon
Length of Hair: medium
Bohemian pretentions?: most assuredly
Favourite Italian food: chinese

fine fickle fan of friendy fangoblinettes...

Helen Womersley - 04/09/00 10:18:20
Opinion of Modern Art: love it
Favourite Artist: Mark Rothko
Favourite colour: I like them all
Length of Hair: Long
Bohemian pretentions?: As many as possible
Favourite Italian food: mozerella with anything/everything

Dave, Sorry it's taken me so long to visit your site, well worth the trip though. Loved the piano and the rabit, the portrait of Maggie was fab! Good to see you the other week in Brighton, hope life is treating you well. Take care and keep painting. Helen xxx

susan bradbury - 04/08/00 20:56:20
Opinion of Modern Art: groovy man
Favourite Artist: barbara hepworth
Favourite colour: gold
Length of Hair: 4"
Bohemian pretentions?: lots
Favourite Italian food: quails

yo bro!!!! :)

ai - 03/23/00 03:06:58
Opinion of Modern Art: none
Favourite Artist: Hockney
Length of Hair: shoulder
Bohemian pretentions?: none
Favourite Italian food: pasta

loved your paintings!

nice gavin - 03/22/00 10:40:53
Opinion of Modern Art: painting is NOT dead
Favourite Artist: george braque or gary hume
Favourite colour: dark purple
Length of Hair: 3 inchs
Bohemian pretentions?: mmmm nice
Favourite Italian food: olive chiabata

i once went to the pub in cov and they were having an illigal betting contest with one legged horses,well i said yeah, whats going on. well this is progress was their reply. i still don't understand.

john womersley - 03/05/00 00:38:38
Opinion of Modern Art: The Badder the better
Favourite Artist: Oh shit I don't have one. I hear Janet womersley is doing some good things.
Favourite colour: Green
Length of Hair: Variable
Bohemian pretentions?: To fully understand the term bohemian
Favourite Italian food: Can't beat a good pizza, unless......Can you get you get Curry in italy?

Sorry it's taken so long 8000 odd people beat me to it. I liked it! Does that mean I have no taste? I sense that as bad art becomes more acceptable artists such as yourself have to constantly probe the boundaries of baddness to avoid becoming that which you strive to react against. For me the picture of the cat maintains your status of the godfather of bad art. Respect. Must meet up for a pint soon J.

Chuck Nilson - 02/27/00 02:18:23
Opinion of Modern Art: Pork!
Favourite Artist: Jewel... she's so talented, in so many ways!
Favourite colour: Black... like the void...
Length of Hair: moderate
Bohemian pretentions?: The heart of America lives at Walt Whitman's house
Favourite Italian food: mmm...baked ziti...

I am completely awestruck by the artistic depth of your collection. "Teletubby" captures a pathos rarely depicted to such a haunting extent in the visual realm. Are portraits of Po, Dipsy, and Tinky-Winky still to come? We can only hope! And your "Hall of Shame" collection! Bravo! As a purveyor of the movement that IS "bad art," I certainly appreciate all four of the selections contained therein. Great site-- and remember, The Chad loves you!

M - 02/14/00 15:37:30
Opinion of Modern Art: brimful
Favourite colour: Blue
Length of Hair: Shoulder
Bohemian pretentions?: having my portrait done
Favourite Italian food: sundried tomatoes

Well - where is my portrait?????? It is the best of the bunch yet (and the biggest) Love, M.

Pete O'Flaherty - 01/21/00 17:30:14
Opinion of Modern Art: I tend to prefer surrelist art of an earlier period at the moment, but I like looking at everything from Gothic to Warhol.
Favourite Artist: Remedios Varo
Favourite colour: Gray
Length of Hair: short now, has been long
Bohemian pretentions?: None
Favourite Italian food: Wine

I truely enjoy your site. I would like to have you do a painting for me. How busy are you now? I am having trouble emailing through geocities, but I could E-mail you a picture to do...

J. Lacy Milan - 01/09/00 23:44:24
Opinion of Modern Art: fail to opine
Favourite Artist: Van Gogh(only because he was mad)
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: in need of a shave
Bohemian pretentions?: moi?
Favourite Italian food: garlic

Loved visiting your site, and wonder if my shit will qualify the best bad art site I've seen so far. Failingly good effort. bravo!

lauren monaco - 12/19/99 23:00:21
Opinion of Modern Art: pretentious, silly, exclusive, knowledge of art ( or pretending to know) has become a status symbol
Favourite Artist: Guy Debord
Favourite colour: orange
Length of Hair: shoulder
Bohemian pretentions?: i don't have a real job
Favourite Italian food: calamari


Tiina - 12/17/99 18:30:12
Opinion of Modern Art: thoughtful
Favourite Artist: Klimt
Favourite colour: Black
Length of Hair: 30 cm
Bohemian pretentions?: all kinds of
Favourite Italian food: don't like any

You must really love painting, or you wouldn't have gone through such a trouble... Break your leg!

Morris-Henshaw - 12/15/99 19:00:06
Opinion of Modern Art: Latent frustration blurted in an inept fashion over nice blank surfaces
Favourite Artist: Dali
Favourite colour: Green (and anyone going by that name)
Length of Hair: Jesus, in both scalp and chin.
Bohemian pretentions?: Pipe smoking, scarf wearing, absynthe drinker
Favourite Italian food: Catriona McColl

Enjoyed wandering through it.

David Bradbury - 12/10/99 10:27:12
Opinion of Modern Art: Testing
Favourite Artist: As
Favourite colour: No
Length of Hair: One's left a
Bohemian pretentions?: message
Favourite Italian food: in


Simon - 11/07/99 17:11:10
Opinion of Modern Art: What is it?
Favourite Artist: Monet
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: varies
Bohemian pretentions?: Quit being adoctor to become a bad artist
Favourite Italian food: Prefer Greek or Chinese

Great site, thanks, I had fun. I really liked the baby and the piano, maybe you could combine the two?

Curt Brooker - 11/05/99 15:07:45
Opinion of Modern Art: Fruity
Favourite Artist: Worhol
Favourite colour: Blue
Length of Hair: 1"
Bohemian pretentions?: Dying my hair blonde and having my eyebrow pierced
Favourite Italian food: Carbonara

"An excellent site, especially for those up and coming artists of today! You can really feel the art ozing out of the artist"...The Times

sandskaraoke - 10/25/99 09:13:29
Opinion of Modern Art: I like the "thrift store galleries the best"
Favourite Artist: Don't know, haven't seen 'em all yet
Favourite colour: color...over here its COLOR.
Length of Hair: varies...push a button on my back...
Bohemian pretentions?: Ha Ha ha ha :)
Favourite Italian food: Sausage!Of course.

Gotta tell ya...your early work was pretty bad...but you're gettin better...may be time to quit while you're ahead. :) I really actually thought the baby in the blue diaper stands up to the best in the "real" galleries...scary.

John-Michael Bellamy - 10/21/99 20:20:07
Opinion of Modern Art: Love it!
Favourite colour: Dunn Blue
Length of Hair: Long - 20" (happy?)
Bohemian pretentions?: Too many
Favourite Italian food: Ling & Clam

Your is bad! God......its really really bad! But! The oil on photo is actually interesting...ugly..but interesting. Cheers....and suck on!

Elena Rodriguez - 10/15/99 13:31:25
Opinion of Modern Art: sucks
Favourite Artist: Vangoh
Favourite colour: yellow
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: no
Favourite Italian food: Caneloni

I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt & Janet - 10/12/99 17:42:55
Opinion of Modern Art: Still Rubbish
Favourite Artist: Still Bradbury, D.
Favourite colour: Most Greens
Length of Hair: Short/medium
Bohemian pretentions?: None we're aware of
Favourite Italian food: Supa Noodles

David, sorry we had to enter the guestbook twice but our first attempt was rudely aborted. Anyway, great to at last have found the now world famous "Bad Art" page - it took ages to find it. We're both very impressed, especially with portrait of Maggie. Good to see you in London the other week, hope everything is going well. See you soon. Matt & Janet

sarahc - 09/27/99 19:03:49
Opinion of Modern Art: it is like something a cat would do.
Favourite Artist: damon albarn
Favourite colour: red
Length of Hair: it;'s medium and mostly nice
Bohemian pretentions?: yes
Favourite Italian food: all except anything with squid

I had once a birthday card that you did like this and I chucked it out and thought you probably didn't like me anymore, but if I'd kept it I might have been able to sell it. Perhaps you can do me another one. I am very impressed that you have motivated omeone sufficiently to write a whole page about this site. See you on Saturday, and don't forget the music.

debbie & mark - 09/23/99 20:33:21
Opinion of Modern Art: It's just a load of old avant-garde shite having a wank in public,and I lov it. P.S I don't believe the avant-garde exists anymore.
Favourite Artist: Erin Shortis and Ashley Thorpe. Also medieval monks.
Favourite colour: Rich and vibrant purples, scarlets, sumptious oranges and yellows mixed with gold flecks, emerald greens & sapphire blues.
Length of Hair: Very long and made up of all the above colours. Mark has a black quiff.
Bohemian pretentions?: Lots. You have to come and visit The Attic Flat sometime!
Favourite Italian food: Deb likes toasted Foccacia with Olives, Sundried tomatoes, mozarella & aubergine. Mark's favourite is Carbonarra (spelt wrongly)

Dave, great to see you on Saturday. Give us a ring and come over for a few drinks one night. I really enjoyed the site, it's great!! A picture will be winging its way over soon! Love D x Alright Dave old chap, good to see you on Saturday(albeit a brief encounter), but feel free to visit this neck of the woods whenever. Great site, see ya, Mark a.k.a Bones a.k.a The Joker a.k.a...oh you get the picture, or you will

tuva - 09/15/99 01:22:15
Opinion of Modern Art: favourable
Favourite Artist: picasso
Favourite colour: red
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: quite few
Favourite Italian food: sacmpi

I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like your collection of art. Your "not Michael Jackson" quite took my breath away. I had to take some brandy before I had the strength to write. I have forwarded you splendid art work to the new Getty Museu here in Southern far the snobby clots haven't even done be the courtesy of answering. However, excellsior, onward and upward. Keep up the good work.

Katie West - 09/04/99 03:07:33
Opinion of Modern Art: lukewarm
Favourite Artist: Don't make me choose
Favourite colour: red
Bohemian pretentions?: none
Favourite Italian food: scallops stuffed with goat cheese and lobster on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes & braised asparagus.

Loved your site. As a Mortgage Broker by day and "Bad Artist" by night I can really relate. I frame all of my paintings and hang them in the living room. Actually most of this stuff isn't bad at all. I liked the piano. I'll be back!

brian - 08/28/99 06:38:26
Opinion of Modern Art: it is of little or no value till it is 40 years old
Favourite Artist: dubuffet and basquiat and twombly
Favourite colour: phlatho anything
Length of Hair: cropped short, mmm, that is sexy
Bohemian pretentions?: lots
Favourite Italian food: panzanella

jean dubuffet said it best, "remember that there is only one way to paint well, while there are a thousand ways to paint badly; it's from them that i expect something new, that i hope for revelations, all the possible ways of painting badly interest me because i think that through them you can reach new ways of thinking." check out my web site, the art is naive and expressionistic as is yours : also check out the museum of bad art (you could be a contender) most importantly, keep up the "bad

Claudia Avil�s - 08/27/99 05:32:41
Opinion of Modern Art: Anything that breakes the old and sanctified structures.
Favourite Artist: Alex Alvarez (my husband), Gustave Moreau, Muller, Mir�, Klimt.
Favourite colour: Red, blue, black (although my husband here by my side says it's not a colour, but a value. And green, and yellow. In that order.
Length of Hair: Enough.
Bohemian pretentions?: Although I'm not an artist, but a psychologist... Once in a while, with my husband.
Favourite Italian food: All.

I think your gallery is absolutely great, it's the first place in its kind that gives me such feeling of freedom, joy, laughter! I think you have a very clear picture of what art really is. We miss people like you in this land. Claudia Avil�s, an artist's wife.

Alex Alvarez - 08/27/99 05:19:41
Opinion of Modern Art: Modern art is our authentic expression.
Favourite Artist: Mir�, Kandinsky, Picasso, Mattisse, and some other crazy guy.
Favourite colour: Oh, I have so many. Primary colours, and veronese green.
Length of Hair: Until it reaches.
Bohemian pretentions?: Once in a while.
Favourite Italian food: Pizza, spaghetti and meat sauce.

Your art seems to me dared, funny and satiric. I suppose it has a reason to be, beyond a simple joke of yourself. I really don't know what it's going on your artistic environment, for you to do what you do. Seeing you gives me the satisfaction of knowing hat in some other place in the world there is people who rebels like this, which is fantastic. Go on with your good bad art. Alex Alvarez, Chilean artist.

Monkey - 08/25/99 16:18:53
Opinion of Modern Art: A Monkey could do it
Favourite Artist: Damien Hurst - not
Favourite colour: ochre
Length of Hair: 10 feet
Bohemian pretentions?: Like rancid yak's butter
Favourite Italian food: Pizza with rancid yak's butter


debora - 07/22/99 14:47:29
Opinion of Modern Art: ok
Favourite Artist: botero
Favourite colour: purple
Length of Hair: medium
Bohemian pretentions?: no
Favourite Italian food: spaguetti

I liked your piano very much, it is very personal

Whistler's Mother - 07/19/99 18:46:37
Opinion of Modern Art: baad
Favourite Artist: David Bradbury
Favourite colour: black
Length of Hair: growing
Bohemian pretentions?: yes please
Favourite Italian food: aubergine parmigiana

outstanding work & a worthwhile website. From all of us - Melina Carriere Andrew Palmer Kate Melhuish Will Palmer. That's all.

Algronon - 07/16/99 19:42:28
Opinion of Modern Art: IT IS FABULOUS
Favourite Artist: You (of course) and andy durbin
Favourite colour: plaid
Length of Hair: this long --------------------------------------
Bohemian pretentions?: What?
Favourite Italian food: Tortellini

You Sir are a artistic genious. Can I commision a painting of a Westen omlette on a paper plate? please let me know.

Cisneros - 07/10/99 00:08:46
Opinion of Modern Art: If doesn�t shock, can�t be art.
Favourite Artist: My cat
Favourite colour: black, blue
Length of Hair: 6x this: _____________________
Bohemian pretentions?: To see a sunset on Mars.
Favourite Italian food: Chao-Ming

Not too bad, is an antidote against everyday intoxication.

oscar garcia - 07/06/99 01:45:47
Opinion of Modern Art: it eases my burdens
Favourite Artist: dubuffet,guston,baselitz,tamayo(ok-dave too)
Favourite colour: red
Length of Hair: buzz
Bohemian pretentions?: I wish I could paint for a living
Favourite Italian food: spaghetti

keep up the bad work for all of bad artdom dave

Rob - 06/17/99 17:19:26
Opinion of Modern Art: quirky
Favourite Artist: Persephone Hughes
Favourite colour: yellow orange
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: Oh, some I guess...
Favourite Italian food: Linguine al pesto!

Loved your piano. Fantastic color. Whimsical!, Charming! uh... makes me hungry for linguine al pesto and a glass of wine. Call it a quirk, but good art makes me hungry. That's a compliment, since most of the time I feel anorexic. Thanks.

Bruce Haining - 05/24/99 05:10:30
Opinion of Modern Art: Sometimes I like it.
Favourite Artist: Fred Tarr
Favourite colour: Black & White
Length of Hair: yes
Bohemian pretentions?: Never without stress.
Favourite Italian food: bread sticks

My dogma was run over by my karma.

James - 05/07/99 17:01:11
Opinion of Modern Art: It all looks different after the artist has died!
Favourite Artist: My 5 year old nephew, Frazer (I have three framed originals in my collection)
Favourite colour: Bloo
Length of Hair: about this long: ________
Bohemian pretentions?: only after 7pm on Tuesdays
Favourite Italian food: Olive oil

May your brushes be blessed with continual badness!

QUI - 04/30/99 20:51:46
Opinion of Modern Art: "hey!, i could do that & that &that one too."
Favourite Artist: ok, Michael Stipe's photography..and uhhhh, YOU!
Length of Hair: VARIETY PACK
Bohemian pretentions?: ME,MYSELF,AND I....AND A PARTIDGE IN A PEAR TREE.


Anna Rinehart - 04/30/99 03:01:57
Opinion of Modern Art: love it
Favourite Artist: a lot
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: shoulder


Andy Durham - 04/26/99 16:45:04
Opinion of Modern Art: mmmm
Favourite Artist: you
Favourite colour: green
Length of Hair: short / balding
Bohemian pretentions?: bollocks
Favourite Italian food: liver / fava beans / chianti

Very entertaining Dave - where is the one that I defaced?

Grim - 04/20/99 05:17:27
Opinion of Modern Art: I LIKE it!
Favourite Artist: Toast
Favourite colour: Rasputin Red
Length of Hair: 3.6215557 Meters
Bohemian pretentions?: Me?
Favourite Italian food: Veal Tuscana

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Thoroughly bad art. Can I get a commissioned work?

Deborah - 04/04/99 15:35:29
Opinion of Modern Art: I don't criticise what I can't improve on
Favourite Artist: Loads of people
Favourite colour: Blue and Yellow and Green and Purple. Blacks quite nice, and so is white. Oh yes, I like orange too. Green, turquoise etc etc.
Length of Hair: Shortish, about 3 inches
Bohemian pretentions?: I like sarongs and tie-dies? I wish I had the guts and the creativity to be bohemian. I like 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
Favourite Italian food: All of it but especially veggie lasagne and veggie pizza. I'm a vegetarian

I've written pretty much everything in the answers to the questions. My Mum loves your work. I think its pretty cool. I can't do art so I respect anyone who can use a paintbrush in any way shape or form.

Judi - 03/30/99 07:21:23
Opinion of Modern Art: Hate it! But who am I to judge?!
Favourite Artist: My 11 yr. old son
Favourite colour: purple
Length of Hair: Not long enough.
Bohemian pretentions?: Definitely.
Favourite Italian food: Spumoni (mmm, mmmm!)

I thought I liked art. I've now discovered I truly like bad art! Thanks for the laughs ... I now can paint and know I'm not alone!!

phil - 03/28/99 14:49:58
Opinion of Modern Art: a bit too contemporary
Favourite Artist: ken unsworth (aust masochist/performance legend)
Favourite colour: bitumen
Length of Hair: n/a
Bohemian pretentions?: heaps
Favourite Italian food: cheese

first art site visited, fabulously bad. The teletubbye has to go (not bad enough). whats on maggies shoulder? is she pro fur? brought to mind auerbach's 'e.o.w. waiting for a root probably'. the piano also had that camden school sort of feel about it, i can imagine sickert painting some old wax draped pianola in the front parlour.

Blaise Riou - 03/24/99 12:27:39

Bonjour. I votre homepage est int�ressant. Combien de temps avez-vous �t� sur l'Internet? Quoi qu'il en soit, je dois aller vague d�ferlante plus de pages de Web. Bon e Chance!

Will Stuart - 03/21/99 22:55:43
Opinion of Modern Art: It's awesome
Favourite Artist: Warhol
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: of course
Favourite Italian food: spaghetti

What was that supposed to be? Seriosly though it wasn't bad. How about a self portrait or something?

bek bad the bad - 03/14/99 19:18:04
Opinion of Modern Art: it smells of poooooo
Favourite Artist: mucha
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: under my ears but before my feet
Bohemian pretentions?: hairy pits of doom
Favourite Italian food: the popes robes in jam ( this has nothing to do with religion he is the most non-italian italian i know

David i think that you and your art is the mutz kernutz.

Bryan - 02/27/99 00:59:08
Opinion of Modern Art: Modern Art, Modern Art, Modern Art - I need to fart
Favourite Artist: Dali
Favourite colour: Puke
Length of Hair: Very short
Bohemian pretentions?: I am a God!
Favourite Italian food: Bacon and Cabbage

At last an art page to be proud of - no pretentions of grandure, its what is badly needed in the Art World. Just because snotty nosed Prof. Anus ,an expert in Art ,says your art is shit doesnt mean you cant enjoy it or display it. Fair fucks to you. Dave you are cool - email me!

Larry Warner - 02/09/99 20:22:20
Opinion of Modern Art: the best
Favourite Artist: Leanerd Baskin
Favourite colour: black, green
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: makeing snow shoes
Favourite Italian food: anything with sauce on it

great art gallery. It must be the way you use colors that caught my attention. You do real good works.I like them. BY

Roscoe P. Coltrane - 02/09/99 02:59:43
Opinion of Modern Art: Mostly supported by Artspeak
Favourite Artist: Sargent
Favourite colour: Violet
Length of Hair: Short
Bohemian pretentions?: I like coffee.
Favourite Italian food: Spaghetti

Your site is good. Your art is really bad. Rupert Rocks! The Teletubby is quite frightening.

Nell Wackwitz - 02/06/99 19:57:48
Opinion of Modern Art: Jes luv it!
Favourite Artist: David (with Mattise a close second)
Favourite colour: lemon-lime-cherry
Length of Hair: chorrrrt (very!)
Bohemian pretentions?: Queer all the way!
Favourite Italian food: spinach ravioli with lots of garlic

David, I can't believe it took so long for SOMEONE to post a page on groovie art—but thanks to you the hole in everyone's lives is filled! YOU have made the web complete with your superbly excellent "bad" art. Thanks dude for your care and consideration for all f us out here in la la land. Ciao, Nello (rhymes with jello)

Belinda - 02/03/99 11:48:10
Opinion of Modern Art: Umm
Favourite Artist: David bradbury
Favourite colour: green
Length of Hair: mid
Bohemian pretentions?: sure man
Favourite Italian food: Dolmio sauces


dion - 02/01/99 12:59:53
Favourite Artist: me and basquiat
Favourite colour: black
Length of Hair: average
Bohemian pretentions?: i think im an artist
Favourite Italian food: bangers and mash

hey, i thought ur art sucked, but wow ur guest book is interesting.. i read nearly all of them.. i love the reactions u cause in people.. u'll go somewhere someday.. hopefully sooner rather than later.. be good.. good luck.. and keep up the good work:))

- 01/21/99 23:27:16
Opinion of Modern Art: love it
Favourite Artist: none at this moment
Favourite colour: blue blue blue
Length of Hair: past my shoulders
Bohemian pretentions?: nah
Favourite Italian food: definitely spaghetti


Delilah - 01/18/99 02:11:09
Opinion of Modern Art: I would like to build a tower of sour grapes about 10 feet high right outside the Museum of Modern Art
Favourite Artist: children
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: ass length
Bohemian pretentions?: As soon as I get in the door I take all my clothes off and don't put them back on until I have to go out again.
Favourite Italian food: breadsticks

Loved your work. Its very sweet and free. I make big abstract paintings that are attached to a motor and they rotate from square to diamond at timed intervals. All the galleries I have approahed have told me they are not original enough. LIKE THEY FUCKI G TURN, OKAY! Well, I don't mean to get upset, it just gets a little tired, you know? I know compared to say, a mound of styrafoam with dog piss on it they don't seem very innovative, but hey, I'm trying. Well, keep up the bad work. Its is lovely and ade smile from ear to ear!

Unknown - 12/30/98 05:06:28
Opinion of Modern Art: It was a nice thing while it lasted.
Favourite Artist: Joseph Cornell, Andy Kaufman, Kurt Schwitters, Billy Name, and whoever invented Silly String
Favourite colour: orange
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: I smoke cigarettes and I go to Bard College and I'm an art major and I don't sleep and I don't do laundry and I enjoy staring for hours at television snow and from time to time when I'm eating a meal I try to make all of the ood color coordinated (an "all orange" breakfast, for instance, or an "all pink" dinner -- you probably think I'm joking but I'm not)
Favourite Italian food: Chef Boyardee straight outta the can (I don't cook)

Your teletubby painting's real good. I like the teletubbies a lot because they make me feel good when I watch them. I think that they're really honest and innocent and it's like a vision from the flipside of reality or something. It's sort of like the riumph of surrealism, you know. The fact that these little gibbering bubbles of fantastic alien color are ushering America's newborns into the world. For the next generation, television will be even more real than it was for my generation. It'll be equ ted with birth itself. What a beautiful way to look at birth -- "just like turning on a t.v. set" -- wonderful. Well, Marshall MacLuhan already said, like 50 years ago, that with t.v. and all these new technologies & stuff, individuals' central nervous ystems were being extended beyond the normal limits of the physical self -- we are all becoming one interpenetrating thought-complex, you know, like global society as a whole is evolving spiritually together rather than seperately (or at least this is wha needs to happen). And this is why people create art. No, that isn't true. But it's why I create art, primarily why I create art. I want to create culture, you know. I think that art that's just about "personal expression" is oftentimes really banal nd lifeless because it doesn't relate to a larger community. And I think this is why I like your teletubby painting so much because it's so topical. It's like some Cagean Anarchist dreamland. The teletubbies themselves are really like a symphony by Joh Cage, right, because everything in that show is repeated endlessly and slowed down and done again and again with slight differences in order to change the consciousness of the viewer, allowing us to find new ways of processing the same sensory input. It s like what Cage always says about boredom and how things are only boring if you're not paying attention to them and that the longer you listen to something the more interesting it becomes. I think that the best thing about your teletubby painting is how much you've allowed yourself to get into the egoless and child-visionary mindset of the teletubby universe and to transmit that state of pure consciousness to the person looking at your art. I mean, it's really beautiful, but it's not incredibly painterl or expressive. And certainly by choosing the teletubby motif you're not being "original" or anything so pretentious as that. What you've created is just an egoless record of the "ambient cultural noise" (MacLuhan again) that surrounds us all, right? A d the colors are even more brilliant and vibrational than those of the pixilated television -- no small feat to accomplish in a painting. It's absolutely a beatiful, incredible, mind-expanding experience looking at your teletubby painting. Completely su lime! It's really really good. Now, as far as "bad art" is concerned, I of course don't believe that your paintings qualify. I hope you're not disappointed. I've seen a lot of stuff out there that's far far worse than yours. For instance, Clyfford St ll (Is that spelled right) -- he's a real fuckhead. Anyway, you seem like a really nice guy and that's really 70% of what matters in life (on this side of reality, anyway, in which hard cold facts and materialism and Cartesian bullshit still holds sway o er the minds of millions). If you're a nice guy, people will like you and they'll like your art because they like you. Furthermore, the artists that everybody hates are usually the ones that are mean and ugly and pretentious and full of shit. Nobody li es a fuckhead. Well, everybody liked Picasso and he was a fuckhead. Dali was basicall a fuckhead who artists don't usually like but who everybody else in the world likes. So I guess sometimes even fuckheads can be winners. Anyway, I think that this ar (I'm talking about your art now) is just wonderful and I think that you must be a really nice guy and a great artist and I'm gonna send you a photo as soon as possible and I hope to Gosh that you get it and make me some art because I love your work. Or aybe we can trade because that's what real artists do, right? Maybe you can draw a teletubby on top of my photograph for me. That would be really really great. But I guess I shouldn't tell you what to do because you probably already want to do the sort of things that you ordinarily do and I don't want to disrupt your creative process, even if you're a "bad" artist who doesn't have a creative process. Oh, I'm making this "Comment" really long because that way it will stand out and you'll have more of a hance of actually reading it (or at least skimming it). So, if you're reading this now, I have one last proposal: IF YOU'RE EVER GOING TO BE COMING TO NEW YORK, PLEASE CONTACT ME SO THAT I CAN GET YOU TO COME AND SPEAK AT MY COLLEGE. WE CAN GIVE YOU A N CE MEAL & LOTS OF MONEY AND YOU'LL BE ABLE TO TELL A BUNCH OF ART MAJORS HOW TO BE SHLOCKY ARTISTS (WE'D ALL LOVE TO HEAR YOU BECAUSE MOST OF US THINK THAT ART IS BY NATURE PRETENTIOUS AND BOURGEOIS AND IT'S HEARTENING TO SEE SOMEBODY LIKE YOU OUT THERE T YING TO DESTROY ALL OF THAT ART-WORLD BULLSHIT SINGLEHANDEDLY). Thank you for your time, thanks for listening. Do not hesitate to email me (AND IF ANYBODY ELSE OUT THERE HAS FOUND MY LITTLE RANT ENTERTAINING, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO EMAIL ME YOUR OWN OSH-DURN SELF, OK?). Cool. Bye-BYE, everybody! Got to rock on!

kathyemalcom - 12/20/98 13:32:27
Opinion of Modern Art: like some
Favourite Artist: all of them
Favourite colour: red
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: more than likely
Favourite Italian food: foccacia

you have good colors. i like the way you cover the area with color and movement in your strokes. i like the clarity of your portraits.

David Bradbury - 12/11/98 12:54:57
Opinion of Modern Art: This is me myself
Favourite Artist: Guestbook was
Favourite colour: down
Length of Hair: but now is
Bohemian pretentions?: back
Favourite Italian food: up


Anthony Lott - 10/30/98 18:04:22
Opinion of Modern Art: iffy
Favourite Artist: francis bacon
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: blanantly wrinkled clothes
Favourite Italian food: italian dressing

after wading through piles of new age and otherwise pretentious crap on the internet I was delighted to find your work. Thanks, and I wish you all the success or lack thereof you would ever dream.

David Whalen - 10/24/98 03:35:15
Opinion of Modern Art: very good
Favourite Artist: G de Chirico
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: some
Favourite Italian food: linguini

Nice work, but I think this might be a put on.

Dottie Loya - 10/24/98 02:21:46
Opinion of Modern Art: like it
Favourite Artist: Warhol,Dali,Picasso
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: I am not at liberity to discuss this topic
Favourite Italian food: meatballs

It is difficult to find blue meatballs. You can paint the brown ones, but they taste terrible. They are best when served on pink spaghetti. thank you...I need to take some prozac now...

Diahann Witter - 10/19/98 13:25:29
Opinion of Modern Art: I've been told it has meaning, but hell, I don't know what. However, it does collect an artisitc array of dust.
Favourite Artist: I have no taste, cannot differentiate one from the other.
Favourite colour: SAA
Length of Hair: Very short, just cut off a yard.
Bohemian pretentions?: I want my son to grow up to play the bass in a jazz quartet at a smokey dive. He's not buying it.
Favourite Italian food: Zucchini

Enjoyed this site very much. Especially when I am supposed be working and using my employer's time for something more productive. I love giving it to the man.

Sharon McKeever - 10/17/98 22:39:32
Opinion of Modern Art: unopinionated
Favourite Artist: David Bradbury
Favourite colour: Red and Green
Length of Hair: Butt length
Bohemian pretentions?: BOHICA Part II
Favourite Italian food: Lasagne/pizza

Great site, David. You made it big time when I saw your site on national TV.

Daval - 09/30/98 22:20:28
Opinion of Modern Art: Making millions painting soup cans? Good work, if you can get it...
Favourite Artist: Max Cannon
Favourite colour: six
Length of Hair: Just long enough to keep my toes warm
Bohemian pretentions?: Yes. I mean, no!
Favourite Italian food: Tacos


Duncan Franklin - 08/20/98 14:09:14
Opinion of Modern Art: If you mean conceptual then generally crap (apart from stuff done by my mate Nick [just in case he reads this])
Favourite Artist: The bloke who does chocolate box lids - anyone who can surround himself with chocolate, scottie dogs with bows and heather without committing suicide deserves all the praise he can get.
Favourite colour: The green of a Gordon's gin bottle as late evening summer sunshine refracts through it.
Length of Hair: Shortish
Bohemian pretentions?: I once went to a wine festival and drank wines from more than 15 countries - does that count?
Favourite Italian food: Gina Lollabrigida on a rocket salad covered in a carbonara (car banana) sauce

Fantastic site - it is just what the art world needs. It's a shame Brian Sewell hasn't sent you anything to paint yet. It is great to see a different representation of Becky's poussy on the web!

David B - 08/19/98 08:28:02
Opinion of Modern Art: Just
Favourite Artist: checking
Favourite colour: this
Length of Hair: is
Bohemian pretentions?: still
Favourite Italian food: working

As no one has entered any comments for weeks!

Raskolnikow - 07/13/98 21:05:50
Opinion of Modern Art: hmmm... Warhol's cool.
Favourite Artist: no.
Favourite colour: a good dark blue can be pretty
Length of Hair: either too short or too long. depends on your point of view
Bohemian pretentions?: yes, some.
Favourite Italian food: are there SEVERAL types of Italian food?

yuck. Well done. :)

David - 07/05/98 04:43:41
Opinion of Modern Art: crayola
Favourite Artist: Franz Marc
Favourite colour: red
Length of Hair: 1.257 hands
Bohemian pretentions?: maybe
Favourite Italian food: locusts with pope sauce

I hope you aren't offended by this, but I think you are showing improvement. You are a better artist by far than my high school art teacher.

Kirstin - 06/24/98 16:12:39
Opinion of Modern Art: Some of it is quite interesting and unique and the rest is just a load of rubbish - the people that do all the rubbish are wierd!!
Favourite Artist: My sister Leigh
Favourite colour: Blue and silver with a sprinkling of black
Length of Hair: I have never got an exact measurement of my hair, but it is just past my shoulders so I would estimate it to be about 30 inches.
Bohemian pretentions?: Too many to mention.
Favourite Italian food: I like it all - especially spag bol, pizza and pasta - lots of cheese is preferred!

Very good - I like your unique style. I think you should try to draw a monkey - I have a feeling you like them. I like the idea that you do commissions too - I think you will go far, if not with the painting, then maybe with piano playing or reciting am lamations of poetry in the square, or becoming a professional tequilla drinker.

Kim - 06/24/98 00:41:32
Opinion of Modern Art: gotta love it, gotta hate it
Favourite Artist: Dali
Favourite colour: Let's go with blue...
Length of Hair: Outta control
Bohemian pretentions?: Hell no
Favourite Italian food: Anything that comes with wine

Cool site, I must say. Stumbled across it, and had a good time. But I'm not really in the mood to talk about art today, cause hey..sometimes you just aren't. Food, now I could do that, cause frankly I'm starving to death. See ya..gonna go chow down...

Vito Salvatore - 06/09/98 17:40:10
Opinion of Modern Art: you mean, now?
Favourite Artist: L.Murray
Favourite colour: red
Bohemian pretentions?: no
Favourite Italian food: Italians

You're site is remarkable, sir. Due to the true, labored, crude nature of your work, you have been selected for inclusion in the links of "The Salvatore Collection" - one of the premiere collections of bad art in the United States today! Good luck and keep up the bad work! Vito <"}))><

dan - 06/02/98 22:02:46
Opinion of Modern Art: hmmm?
Favourite Artist: Bougereau
Favourite colour: gray green
Length of Hair: each hair somewhat different length
Bohemian pretentions?: no furniture in living room
Favourite Italian food: Chef Boyardee Ravioli

Thank you. Quite wonderfull. I now am searching for a photograph suitible for a commision... would a drawing do? You are generous.

Sean - 05/22/98 14:59:14
Opinion of Modern Art: define 'modern'
Favourite Artist: David Bradbury
Favourite colour: pale blue
Length of Hair: too short
Bohemian pretentions?: many...
Favourite Italian food: nice meaty spicey stuff

Humm, I am right in thinking the famous 'Tellytubby' painting is currently hanging in the illustrious 'ground-floor-Mondaq' gallery. David, you are an artist without compare - the art world can only prey it remains that way!!!(only joking) anyway bye now br>

Tommy Trouble - 05/22/98 10:59:56
Opinion of Modern Art: Floppy
Favourite Artist: Kenny Everett's Mime Character
Favourite colour: Turnip blue.
Length of Hair: 1hr 38mins.
Bohemian pretentions?: Eating Mick Jagger's Mars Bar.
Favourite Italian food: Uno BK Flame Grilled Whopper.

I think this site is a half assed conceit. No one says, "Look at me, see how bad I am" and ever really means it. You sir are a coward. Bad artists should not paint. Your pictures, conversely, are very, very interesting. The style is honest and the subject matter extremely relevant and contemporary. You have true talent. Why be frightened to admit it? Why hide your light when you should be out there shining bright y? Keep up the good work but for Christ's sake start being real about your talent.

Jaime - 04/22/98 16:26:54
Opinion of Modern Art: best thing since oil paint
Favourite Artist: Anselm Kiefer
Favourite colour: chrome
Length of Hair: shoulder
Bohemian pretentions?: only two
Favourite Italian food: sweet and sour a la milanesa

its bad art in the sense that it is bad see, bad art is a term given to serious art with certain attitute, read: Basquiat, Schnabel, Futura2000, but this is just bad art in the literal sense, not in the figurative one..even the sprayed-on title i insipid, at best. best wishes.

Traci Santiago - 04/10/98 15:22:33
Opinion of Modern Art: some good, some bad
Favourite Artist: don't have one (yet)
Favourite colour: dark shades of purple
Length of Hair: why?
Bohemian pretentions?: depends on topic (so I guess not truly)
Favourite Italian food: anything w/ REAL parmesan

Love the site. I made it a bookmark. Lot's of cool stuff, nice design. Was looking for art that I can use on an invitation for our stuffy mktg mtg and found you. Glad I did. (don't worry, I didn't take anything - ha,ha)

George Kovats - 03/18/98 05:29:27
Opinion of Modern Art: Easy, anyone can do it
Favourite Artist: Giorgio Morandi
Favourite colour: Honey copper
Length of Hair: Short - sorry
Bohemian pretentions?: Of course, I'm a Bohemian by birth
Favourite Italian food: Farfalle fruti di mare

You are the best artist from Kilburn. Hodgkin watch out! Can I be so bold as to give you a pointer or two? Sure success! Why not put a whole anteater . . . or . . hmmmm. . . . maybe a shark . . . into some kind of an aquarium and fill it with some green l quid, maybe formaldehyde or something, and display the whole thing. People will go nuts over it. Hey, no need to thank me. I get these silly ideas once in a while. By the way, consider yourself under my commission. When I find a suitable photo it'll be on its way. George

Augustus Magnatius Odin - 03/17/98 07:54:34
Opinion of Modern Art: OK
Favourite Artist: Angus McBride
Favourite colour: Purple
Length of Hair: about a foot
Bohemian pretentions?: nope
Favourite Italian food: tortellini

I like, I like. There's such movement in you paintings, heheh. It inspired the artist within me, well, briefly at least. Very briefly. Very cool page, keep up the good work!!!!!

Ellen Louise Smith - 03/11/98 16:37:12
Opinion of Modern Art: I already said enough
Favourite Artist: still Manet, C. Brown
Favourite colour: grey
Length of Hair: shaved
Bohemian pretentions?: now I live in a quaint farmhouse
Favourite Italian food: i'm sick to my stomach

Sorry about going off down there! In regards to "Bad Art", well, I have some of my own, and yours, hanging on my quaint farmhouse walls!

Ellen Louise Smith - 03/11/98 15:48:40
Opinion of Modern Art: too obsessed with bodily functions.......nction
Favourite Artist: Manet, Christopher Brown
Favourite colour: white
Length of Hair: chin length
Bohemian pretentions?: unfortunately, I used to live in a shithole in tribeca
Favourite Italian food: linguini tossed with fresh tomatoes and brie

There is way too much pontificating that poses as visual art with no or little attention paid to craftsmanship. Why don't these people just get on a soap box in Washington Square Park instead of hogg- ing up all of the NYC gallery spaces. And if they are not at least addressing issues, then they're making work such as the piece featured in 3/98 (or 4/98?) Art in America: "I Peed Myself." Curators: Get a clue!!!!! Stop validating this shit (literally).

e. - 03/08/98 02:30:33
Opinion of Modern Art: old news, contemporary art has bred a new monster.
Favourite Artist: Gerhard Richter
Favourite colour: I like them all.
Length of Hair: needs a serious cut
Bohemian pretentions?: No, not really.
Favourite Italian food: Pizza (if you count it), lasagna (if you don't)

Its fun, keep doing it. Nice quotes.

Ted Green - 02/25/98 17:43:03
Opinion of Modern Art: oh I get it, it's a trick question, right?
Favourite Artist: Terry Winters, Per Kirkeby, Basquiat, Schnabel
Favourite colour: oh brother
Length of Hair: straight ones or curly ones?
Bohemian pretentions?: huh?
Favourite Italian food: Penne alla Siciliana

Well, I know I'm in a difficult situation, because I admit that so much of what passes for art these days is crap, but I know if I try to defend modern art, or artists working today who feel that serious talent, serious need for expression and even inspir tion necessarily override or outweigh irreverence and sarcasm, what I hear in return is, "What a pretentious asshole! Out-dated bag of hot air! Living fossil!" etc. But I've got news for you, pal, the idea was great... once. The 'pieces' are...bad, you sa d it! (No, I mean really bad!). But what you're doing, by creating truly bad paintings and passing your work off as an artistic statement, is undermining to a small extent the entire concept of human capacity to Create, which is one of the very few things that differentiates us from other animals in the first place! Haven't you ever watched a movie, or heard a piece of music, and been so moved, that it ...inspired you? I'm guessing you've never seen a painting that's given you that feeling, or else you hav , but can't accept it on its own without all the pretentious 'baggage', and have become so jaded by the countless other really bad artists out there (and filmmakers, and musicians,...) who had your idea before you, or just love to slam the concept of art n the first place, that for the sake of convenience, ALL modern art is crap. And that is a crying shame, for art and our ability to create it can only die out when we die out as well, am I wrong? And if an idea has already been realized, then there's got o be SOMEthing original, some innovation, that makes it stimulating in some way, doesn't that make sense? Every time I see someone passing off bad paintings as 'art', for whatever reason, it's the same feeling I get as when I see a pile of beer bottles in the middle of a forest, know what I mean? Sorry for the attack, nothing personal really, but you did lay yourself wide open. Find some creative hobby instead, believe me, the rewards are immensely greater.

Gayle Edwards - 02/25/98 13:15:33
Opinion of Modern Art: Actually like piano!
Favourite Artist: Living or dead? Ben Shaun or Peter Saul
Favourite colour: REDDDDDDD
Length of Hair: Waist-blonde-straight
Bohemian pretentions?: still smoke
Favourite Italian food: neopolitans& calamari

Loved this site- a breath of fresh air!!! Lived the pretentious gallery whore life for too long-crave bad art!

Cathy Blair - 02/23/98 00:10:14
Opinion of Modern Art: love it
Favourite Artist: Edvard Munch
Favourite colour: hunter green
Length of Hair: too long
Bohemian pretentions?: hell, no! I live in Kentucky, fer chrissakes!
Favourite Italian food: fetuccini alfredo

Hey, I dig your extremely loose and fun approach to painting... I am a recovering graphic artist. I have found that I absolutely abhor that medium, save for the fact that I still like to attempt web graphics and design from time to time. So I am about t take a stab at what I feel is MY idea approach to painting, and that is to plant myself in front of a blank canvas, with plenty of paint poured onto a canvas at my side, and let loose. The only thing that I would have pre-planned is the color scheme. N t even a sketch. I just want to let the ideas flow straight from my subconscious, if that sounds corny enough for ya. But that seems to be where my best stuff comes from. I've spent many a boring moment at my old shitty graphics job, doodling without even really thinking, and produced some COOL looking stuff (at least I think so) in about five minutes. Anyway, if you l ok at my website right now, it doesn't contain anything like that. All it is is second rate (but fun!) web graphics, a couple of pencil drawings, a couple of CorelDRAW graphics, and a Photoshop/Painter 5.0 graphic. Be cool! --Cathy

jim hansink - 02/16/98 22:31:14
Opinion of Modern Art: still learning
Favourite Artist: Klimt
Favourite colour: green
Length of Hair: thinning
Bohemian pretentions?: is it legal in the uk?
Favourite Italian food: chianti

I enjoyed your site. I think we may both have the same sense of fun about such things. Best regards.

Dan Schonberg - 02/10/98 02:32:44
Opinion of Modern Art: lacks courage
Favourite Artist: Dali & Tadema
Favourite colour: Green
Length of Hair: 1/8 inch
Bohemian pretentions?: Ugha Bugah
Favourite Italian food: That chick Maria Sconucci

Cop-Out, False Prophet, I've been a false prophet, and I am embarassed of it. Quit your yappin and learn to draw, then paint. MAKE SALVADOR AND GALA PROUD!!! Imagine the impact of your imagination if you could discilpine yourself. Dont give up. EVER. Blind contours baby, those are the keys. Good luck.

Maggie Oil on Photo - 02/05/98 11:58:29
Opinion of Modern Art: Very advanced for your age.
Favourite Artist: Anyone who ever can do good horses
Favourite colour: The color of your blushes when I show these pictures to your parents
Length of Hair: Long enough for my needs
Bohemian pretentions?: I taught you that word!!
Favourite Italian food: cakes

My lawyers will be in touch with your parents. Can I have my photo back please.

Wen - 02/03/98 20:34:07
Opinion of Modern Art: tacky
Favourite Artist: Rousseau,Hirschfield, combined
Favourite colour: ones that glow
Length of Hair: up, 4 inches, down, 12 feet
Bohemian pretentions?: Of course! Would not have it otherwize.
Favourite Italian food: italian bread and butter pickles

This is far the BEST bad art ive seen in you rank yourself among the outsider artists? If so your work should be worth millions. Im a great fan of this unadulterated, naive stuff..after all isnt this is what true art is all ab talent.. just flowing self expression. GREAT entertaining site! you done well!

shed - 02/02/98 13:06:59
Opinion of Modern Art: long live the renaisance!!
Favourite Artist: Leonardo Da Simpson
Favourite colour: Yellow
Length of Hair: Short, back and sides...
Bohemian pretentions?: Rhapsody??
Favourite Italian food: Chianti

You are obviously very talented!! You learn something new about people every day..... ...I will find you a photo... can I have the canvass so that I can display it in my house.

Alysen - 01/29/98 15:52:08
Opinion of Modern Art: ok
Favourite Artist: Dali
Favourite colour: Opal
Favourite Italian food: Eggplant Parmesan

Interesting Site-like the Artwork a lot! Come see some of my digital artwork at my site!

David E. - 01/23/98 22:25:32
Opinion of Modern Art: Usually contemporary
Favourite Artist: Too numerous to mention
Favourite colour: ditto
Length of Hair: average
Bohemian pretentions?: Yes, by all means
Favourite Italian food: Sophia Loren over pasta

Bad art; bad, bad art. Now I can truly say I've seen art that even my cat could do (well, except for that Sistine Chapel thing maybe). Great site!

Kate North - 01/22/98 17:03:22
Opinion of Modern Art: how long have u got?
Favourite Artist: got to be Maggie
Favourite colour: bit of a boring question
Length of Hair: not much longer than the last time u saw me!
Bohemian pretentions?: plenty
Favourite Italian food: chicken korma!

Got onto the old internet surreptiously and went straight for your famous site - well impressed. Are u coming for a drink tomorrow (Fri) for my b'day? Dover Castle - Weymouth St, off Portland Pl. Maybe see u there Definitely got the Maggie likeness there. Will u do one for me? Kate

zoetrope holt - 01/20/98 00:02:15
Opinion of Modern Art: love it
Favourite Artist: newman
Favourite colour: ultramarine blue
Length of Hair: short
Bohemian pretentions?: yes
Favourite Italian food: lasagne

its so horrible -- i love it! please mail me, i'd live to hear your working philosophy

Seth Sergent-Leventhal - 01/17/98 03:07:07
Opinion of Modern Art: That's like saying, "Opinion of the 20th century." Is it conceivable that anyone could answer that intelligently?
Bohemian pretentions?: Formerly.

I particularly enjoyed the piano. Is this where I request the free work of art? Are you sure you want to give away your time? Is it not more valuable?

Dr. Pal - 01/14/98 13:20:04
Opinion of Modern Art: I'm your doctor, and your Pal!
Favourite Artist: Salvador Dali
Favourite colour: Puse
Length of Hair: Long
Bohemian pretentions?: Uncommunicative
Favourite Italian food: Bread

Your art speaks to me like none other. It says: "Horse who drink too much water gets bellyache."

tori arzt - 01/14/98 05:56:57
Opinion of Modern Art: humurous
Favourite colour: fish
Length of Hair: shoulder
Bohemian pretentions?: no thanks
Favourite Italian food: yucky

once i saw this exhibit by a sculpture major at Rhode Island School ofDesign (very prestigious) and it was her final and all it was was little balls of hair like you find in the bath stuck to cellophane tape and stuck to the wall. You have to have balls o do that. another person's project was to combine many rolls of toilet paper by unrolling them, taping them end to end and rolling them up again. the result was a huge 4' roll of toilet paper just laying on the floor.

CJ - 01/13/98 17:46:47
Opinion of Modern Art: Not even sure what MA is
Favourite Artist: van Gogh
Favourite colour: yellow
Length of Hair: too
Favourite Italian food: garlic bread

Who can resist a Bad Art Web page? Not me.

cws - 01/02/98 23:56:46
Opinion of Modern Art: could not get worse
Favourite Artist: sean scully
Favourite colour: cadmium orange
Length of Hair: skin head
Bohemian pretentions?: once
Favourite Italian food: anything with truffles

great site. i love old piano. but i hate teletubbies

kaja - 01/01/98 04:43:48
Opinion of Modern Art: Edibley good. Some is inverted, most is like inkblots waiting for your interpretation.
Favourite Artist: Unsure. I like stronge colours, involved plots.
Favourite colour: orange
Length of Hair: mid-back
Bohemian pretentions?: Not this week, thankyou
Favourite Italian food: Infamous Fettuccini Alfredo

I usually peruse for oil and abstraction-I'm glad your sardonic ad caught me, I enjoyed your Piano

Rachel - 12/30/97 16:39:16
Opinion of Modern Art: hmmm. . . good?
Favourite Artist: My mom
Favourite colour: red
Length of Hair: its kind of curly and knappy so its much longer when its wet, when it dries it shrinks up just below my shoulders
Bohemian pretentions?: no thanks
Favourite Italian food: pizza

Hi, I think your web site is cute. And your teletubby was great, satisfying my fetish for all things British. I am fed up with high art pretensions as well and hate the reactions I get from professors about my underground comix. They can fuck off. : ) . I write because I want to move to London for a few months when I graduate next year, and i was planning to work on street corners painting portraits of any willing passer-bys onto black velvet, I thought maybe you could give me some location suggestio s, prime street-corners, parks, etc. . . Keep up the bad art Cheers, Rachel.

Teza Lord - 12/08/97 01:22:00
Opinion of Modern Art: today is here-- unless I'm in a time warp? -- you're bad I'm bad, we're both modern -- I'm an outside outsider
Favourite Artist: me and you
Favourite colour: black and blue and red and yellow and green and orange and lavender and fuschia and pink with bright red dots and white with nothing inbetween
Length of Hair: which day? today it's, un, lemmesee, sorta medium, growing out, on way to really really long
Bohemian pretentions?: I curse
Favourite Italian food: olive pits

love your site. sent you email, did you get? Let's stay in touch. I exhibit in Santa Fe and New Orleans and am only emerging after long time fearing it. Gulp. Am also writer. Have a memoir with a literary agent now. Watch me! Regards, TEzzeen, the Zlord

Yong Tai Si - 12/05/97 03:16:54
Opinion of Modern Art: no modern art or primitive art, only art.
Favourite Artist: Rothko(?)
Favourite colour: white
Length of Hair: 33.75cm
Bohemian pretentions?: un-ohyty-kdo
Favourite Italian food: expresso (food?)

I like your old piano.

Ken M. - 11/30/97 07:17:40
Opinion of Modern Art: It is very diversified.
Favourite Artist: That changes from day to day.
Favourite colour: green (money)
Length of Hair: Variable
Bohemian pretentions?: I've found them (us) to be egomaniacs.
Favourite Italian food: Fettacinni

Interesting website. I like the luscious paint on the "Piano". Great art seems to have very much to do with who you know (cliques). At first I thought you were talking about Soho in New York. Then I realized the original Soho is in London. I want to go back there again.

Morgan Rose - 11/24/97 17:48:10
Opinion of Modern Art: all art is good art, it is a form of release
Favourite Artist: Catalina Donoso Barros
Favourite colour: Dull
Length of Hair: 15 inches
Favourite Italian food: Frederico

I'm starving for my art, my university grades are slipping, all for this thing called painting. I am not terrifically great at it, but I live to do it. Tell me some secrets on how to fund my habitual work.

bar chaz mattson .muddaubber - 11/17/97 00:22:28
Opinion of Modern Art: crap
Favourite Artist: c m r
Favourite colour: that one over there
Length of Hair: yes
Bohemian pretentions?: jack k.
Favourite Italian food: anchoives

i like it, i wish i thought of it, you got it, ride it.

Ed Tarpley - 11/09/97 05:06:08
Opinion of Modern Art: Wow! They get paid for that?!
Favourite Artist: Franz Mark
Favourite colour: puke green
Length of Hair: 6.38in. (appr.)
Bohemian pretentions?: Yes.
Favourite Italian food: Spaghetti

I've never seen oil on photograph before. Keep up the good work.

dfm - 11/04/97 18:37:05
Opinion of Modern Art: COOL
Favourite Artist: Mondrian
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: starting to get long
Bohemian pretentions?: mmmmmmmm
Favourite Italian food: hahahaha

Cool!!!! I like your idea: BAD ART really cool.

Ross - 10/21/97 12:13:39
Opinion of Modern Art: generally pretty low
Favourite Artist: Peter Webb
Favourite colour: red oxide
Length of Hair: which ones
Bohemian pretentions?: no
Favourite Italian food: Paola

It's true that your paintings are fairly bad but there were some redeeming qualities in your rabbit commission piece, although I'm not sure what they were. Keep trying and keep posting more works because I enjoyed visiting your site, ciao.

MELISSA - 10/20/97 02:57:46
Opinion of Modern Art: LOVE IT...I PAINT IT
Favourite Artist: PICASSO
Favourite colour: BLUE
Length of Hair: LONG
Bohemian pretentions?: WHAT?
Favourite Italian food: 3 CHEESE BAKED PASTA (ANY)


enrico mitrovich - 10/03/97 17:05:48
Opinion of Modern Art: interesting
Favourite Artist: otto dix
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: 4 cm
Bohemian pretentions?: yes
Favourite Italian food: spaghetti alla puttanesca

Your work is interesting

jason levy - 09/30/97 21:59:21
Opinion of Modern Art: politically based crap
Favourite Artist: francis bacon
Favourite colour: blue
Length of Hair: shaved
Bohemian pretentions?: nil.
Favourite Italian food: my girlfriend


John Nettles - 09/30/97 15:13:02
Opinion of Modern Art: Lovely
Favourite Artist: Kandinsky
Favourite colour: Poiple
Length of Hair: Crew cut
Bohemian pretentions?: Pipe smoking
Favourite Italian food: Nettle soup

Never in the field of bad art, has so much been owed by so many to so few

Bob G. - 09/29/97 02:00:54
Opinion of Modern Art: Yes, I have one, thanks.
Favourite Artist: Miranda (My wife)
Favourite colour: Blue, no... green!
Length of Hair: Before or after it's cut?
Bohemian pretentions?: Must you ask?
Favourite Italian food: Sophia Loren

Actually, my wife loved the piano quite a bit. I just enjoyed the whole site. Much success to you. -- Bob and Miranda

Michael Hennessy & Barbara Schwarz - 09/23/97 08:10:20
Opinion of Modern Art: Most of it would satisfy Hugh Grant.
Favourite Artist: You\Lautrec
Favourite colour: Harvest Gold
Length of Hair: Can't tell without a mirror
Bohemian pretensions?: Several
Favourite Italian food: Sure

It's fascinating what one can do with photos these days. I used to contend with my wife that there was no "bad" art, but you've made a believer out of me! Keep up the BAD work! Cheers, Big Ears!

Terri - 09/22/97 03:34:51
Opinion of Modern Art: alot of faking going on
Favourite Artist: You
Favourite colour: small
Length of Hair: Which one?
Bohemian pretensions?: What's a pretension?
Favourite Italian food: Pizza Hut

I just knew you had to be English - such style, such elegance. Wish there were more of you about. (Can you paint a picture of my rabbit if I send you a polaroid?)

Vanessa Workman - 09/17/97 16:04:34
Opinion of Modern Art: too many so-called artists
Favourite Artist: Larry Rivers/Howard Finster
Favourite colour: turquoise?
Length of Hair: 24 inches
Bohemian pretensions?: I don't have a poker face
Favourite Italian food: angel fur pasta

You sure that yellow guy isn't Curious George? I think you have the right idea about should come from the heart and not be taken too serious.You obviously have the skills to paint then you have the pseudo-sophisticates that will judge you on subject matter,as if they even have a clue.Next time you are in San Francisco I'd like to meet you. Vanessa

Heather McAvey - 09/15/97 14:37:40
Opinion of Modern Art: open to interpretation
Favourite Artist: changes daily
Favourite colour: vibrant
Length of Hair: too long
Bohemian pretensions?: isn't that an oxymoron?
Favourite Italian food: tiramasu

I'm enjoying the procociosness of "teletubby". He makes a terrific wallpaper.

kimberly caputo - 09/14/97 04:59:27
Opinion of Modern Art: i love it
Favourite Artist: egon schiele
Favourite colour: can't decide
Length of Hair: 7 inches?
Bohemian pretensions?: not really
Favourite Italian food: spedini (breaded veal/onion/bayleaf rolled and fried and served on a toothpick) bring it on.

i really like the painting of the piano a lot. a lot. bye

travis - 09/08/97 04:01:45
Opinion of Modern Art: less is a bore
Favourite Artist: polke
Favourite colour: anything ugly
Length of Hair: 10K
Bohemian pretensions?: coffee sucks
Favourite Italian food: dry pasta

two opposing ideas may both be right, it all depends on the interpreter. this is the state of art. bad art is in the interpretation

ronn ames - 09/05/97 06:35:19
Opinion of Modern Art: love some hate some
Favourite Artist: miro, kandinsky,klee,etc.
Favourite colour: primaries
Length of Hair: huh?
Bohemian pretensions?: wine olive oil balsamic
Favourite Italian food: bruschetta w/ salsa

the end product is not as important as the process because it is in the abandonement to the process that gut art appears. It can be seen in the gesture left by the medium and in the rawness of the images .Within us lies an indefinite reservoir of original images. We just need to abandon our preconceptions and trust in the entity behind the breath to bring to fruition the icons floating in the abyss of our subconscious.This is the beauty of surrendering to the creative process.You never know what the end re ult is going to be,but sometimes the mind will be amazed or horrified or embarrassed ,but so what about what it thinks! The only relevance is getting out of the way and allowing it to flow

Paata - 08/20/97 17:23:22
Opinion of Modern Art: dic
Favourite Artist: me
Favourite colour: braun
Length of Hair: 100 meter
Bohemian pretensions?: suks
Favourite Italian food: shet

You all realy cen to kiss my ass!

David - 08/04/97 14:24:09
Opinion of Modern Art: A five year-old could do it
Favourite Artist: David Bradbury
Favourite colour: Green
Length of Hair: Quite short
Bohemian pretensions?: Plenty - Bathers at Asnieres -sheer poetry
Favourite Italian food: Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes

Great page. Really impressive