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Mesage from richard baxter on 03 June 2005 at 02:38
yeah, had to come back and re-comment. I really love these paintings, there is a sincerity here, and something is strangely compelling... I think I might link to your work, if that's ok...
Favourite artist:  David Bradbury

Mesage from richard baxter on 03 June 2005 at 02:34
Can bad be good?
Hi David. I really do like your work, some of these paintings are fantastic. Very refreshing, especially after my own work.
cheers, thanks for the browse and the humour
Favourite artist:  David Bradbury

Mesage from Sandra Broman on 03 June 2005 at 01:39
Hilarious! Plus I loved it, the best site I have encountered all day. Inspiring. Thanks,
Sandra Broman

Mesage from mae on 29 April 2005 at 17:25
know what? i tried to paint just like the painting styles you posted but it was so difficult and I had a hard time. when i saw the painting posted, i was impressed. for me, if i could paint just like those paintings i could congratulate myself. what a kind of achievement!
Favourite artist:  Pablo Picasso

Message from mia bradbury on 23 April 2005 at 17:48
I,ve seen your website and i think its just look like your painting in real life.
Favourite artist:  David Bradbury

Mesage from Shane & Yvonne Mason on 05 March 2005 at 21:54
Well David, what can I say! You are a man with hidden talent. Absolutely brillant site, paintings are fab especially of Marguerite and Jake!! Just printed off picture of Jake for Shane, he said he is going to show it to him in the morning. Will let you know what he says, especially about the belly rubbing.......... Keep up the great work and hope to see you in Tipperary soon.

Message from Hosiah on 14 February 2005 at 19:25
Beef #1: the favorite artist box doesn't allow MC Escher.
David Bradbury writes: A fair point. Escher is now in the favourite artist drop-down.
Beef #2: no more URL link like guestbook classic. How can I brazenly promote my site while ostensibly writing in to place comment on yours?
David Bradbury writes: I think your question shows why I had to remove the URL link. Too many spammers liked it.
That being said, you're not nearly as bad as you think you are. You show improvement. The only difference between some of your latest subjects and the kind of stuff that gets into Smithsonian is, your paintings are less crowded. Paint smaller, or buy bigger canvas. The character limits now coming up.

Mesage from Tom Fitzparick on 18 January 2005 at 11:33
Did you know that you are technically a "neo Expressionist"?
Please note I didn't invent that term, I read it in a book, and so it may be false, although the book was in a university library, so it is probably definitely false.

Mesage from Liza on 07 January 2005 at 07:09
Site is fantastic - more of the same please!! Keep up the great work :)

Mesage from Tom Fitzpatrick on 04 January 2005 at 09:35
Did you go to art school?
If so, which one?
David Bradbury writes: No, it's a purely natural talent!

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