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Mesage from The Rev'd C. Pete Molloy on 30 March 2007 at 02:32
Dear Sir,
I very much appreciated your portrait of Jonathan Mills. The way you captured his oversized mellon was extremely skillful. Vive l'arts!
Favourite artist:  Calvin Townsend

Mesage from Jonathan Mills, B.A., M.C.S. on 27 March 2007 at 06:02
Mr Bradbury, Your "Portrait de Marguerite" experiments with alternative space in decentred brilliance. The future will rank this tableau far above Henri Matisse's "Marguerite," which museum goers will consider a poor copy of yours.
Favourite artist:  Grandpa Moses

Mesage from nick on 25 March 2007 at 16:48
through and through you are a very bad artist..
Favourite artist:  you

Message from David Bradbury on 21 March 2007 at 08:08
Hi Dave, I am from Shropshire, I have commented on your site before some time ago, I am still practicing my art to get as bad as you are.
Favourite artist:  David Bradbury

Mesage from Barnes on 09 March 2007 at 23:50
I absolutely LOVE bad art - not only does it make me laugh, it thumbs a nose at the ladedadee fine art community, those snobs who thumb their nose at mine!
Favourite artist: 

Mesage from Elaine Bradbury on 09 March 2007 at 23:31
Hi found your site while checking out the "Bradbury web site". Love your art.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... I dabble myself, but I use pens, and end up with some weird stuff at time. Also love to draw tree, dead trees.....I hope this doesn't mean anything bad.Keep up the good work... Elaine
Favourite artist:  just love art

Message from alice lamb on 10 November 2006 at 23:27
I like one man and his dog but I feel very sorry for his rabbit
David Bradbury writes: Don't worry, Alice, it was just a toy not a real animal. And it's a squirrel not a rabbit!
Favourite artist: 

Mesage from Alice Sixsmith on 29 October 2006 at 20:40
I think that my work is the most fantabydosy on the Earth! Lol! Only joking! Maybe I take after my dad in the 'creativity vibe'...or maybe not. Anyway, check out my dad's stuff & mine if u really want to! (it deserves 2 b on the 'bad art' website) Thanx 4 puttin it on the webbie anyway! Alice xx
Favourite artist:  Me or Dad

Mesage from Coleen on 23 October 2006 at 04:21
I really don't know how such a bad art can be a good one. Keep up the bad (or good) work!
Favourite artist: 

Mesage from richard weisner on 15 October 2006 at 11:22
You are true artiste sir and I hope you will take on my commission (ish). If your work is as bad as you promise, I would like you to do my ex-wife, as everybody else did. Keep up the bad work, regards, Richard.
Favourite artist:  mick jagger/norman wisdom

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