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Message from Brian on 01 August 2004 at 07:41
My favorite is probably "My Old Piano". You have a great sense to your paint strokes. If you ever need any photography done, and you stop by Austin, I'd be more than happy to document some of your art for you.
Austin Wedding Photographer
Favourite artist:  Henri Matisse

Mesage from Terry on 15 July 2004 at 05:40
I LOVE "Amy Gerson's dog"... do u sell prints?
Favourite artist:  David Bradbury

Message from Abby on 14 May 2004 at 00:12
You probably make a lot more money with your paintings than I do, and I went to an art college. :( But that's okay. I'm not bitter and full of envy or anything. Keep up the good work!

Mesage from Dave Brad on 18 April 2004 at 19:11
Arts not really my "cup of tea", but all the same very nice indeed.
I looked you up when I typed my family name into "search", an your site popped up so keep up the good work, you must be from the artistic and open-minded part of the family name.
Nice to know that creativity is alive an well in our name, I have no favourite artist but as your namesake the title's all yours take care, drop me a line David Bradbury speak to you again.
over an out!

Mesage from Toot Willowbean on 12 April 2004 at 23:32
No all that bad! Very primitive yet sophisticated. Is that the aim?. Care to exchange links?
ARTOPP lists national and international opportunities for visual artists. On the ArtOpp website you will find art competitions, reviewing proposals, for artists, art educators, curators and art students worldwide.
Best Regards
Toot Willowbean
Favourite artist:  Henri Matisse

Mesage from David Bradbury on 09 April 2004 at 05:27
Hahaha... that is great. You have the same name as me...
And mmkey... I'm done here :D. Fun art btw.
Favourite artist:  David Bradbury

Mesage from cat wilcox on 30 March 2004 at 08:30
Hi, very interesting website! Love coming back here and seing whats new!! Great Website!!! Wondering you would care to exchange art links? ARTOPP lists art contests, competitions, art scholarships & grants, juried exhibitions, art jobs & internships, call for e gallery calls, fellowships, art communities,for artists, art educators, curators and art students worldwide.
Cat Wilcox
Favourite artist:  David Bradbury

Message from Suzy on 05 March 2004 at 14:46
Fantastic, I love it, it's just the bestest, I'm overwhelmed, I don't know what to say, you're a professional aren't you? Posing, that's what I think, that's really clever. I would like to meet you Mr Bradbury, I feel like i know you anyway! Do you do sculpture? I love sculpture! Do you speak french? I bet you do! I'll be in touch Mr Bradbury!

Message from Carolyn on 02 March 2004 at 20:33
Hahahaha! FANTASTIC! I absolutely adore your site! I am looking forward to creating some bad art of my own. Your paintings put a smile on my face. :c)
Favourite artist:  David Bradbury

Message from kuvisope on 19 February 2004 at 10:02
I am an Art-teacher myself and I love to see the way you paint, I wish my students would have your love to art and courage to express themselves the way you do.
By the way, why you donīt have my favourite artist Edward Munc on your list?
David Bradbury writes: I've now added Edvard Munch to the list of favourite artists for all you expressionism fans.

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