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Mesage from Leon Capon on 23 July 2003 at 14:34
If I only had a tenth of your talent David, I would be a better bad artist than you.
My eternal admiration.
Favourite artist:  David Bradbury

Mesage from James Brown on 22 July 2003 at 15:22
I finally found the holy grail.You would not believe the webfilth I've ploughed through to get here. Anyway, I saw some lovley blotchy nudes by Clement Freud or someone the other day. Could you make me look like that Dave? Go on, could you? (But make sure you don't tell the missus!)She'd kill me if she found out I was back in the 'modelling game'.
Good to see you at Paula's wedding. See ya big fella.
Favourite artist:  David Bradbury

Mesage from Gavin on 08 July 2003 at 22:27
Stumbled upon your site after peaking on Netcraft at different things.
Nice to see someone selling decent art and not all that Picasso/Dali rubbish that people rave about.
Favourite artist:  David Bradbury

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